Matthew Knight Arena Facts and Architecture

  • Construction began on February 7th, 2009 and Matthew Knight Arena opened on January 13th, 2011 (Men's Basketball vs. USC)
  • Matthew Knight Arena hopes to be the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified Arena in the NCAA. LEED provides standards to recognize Green buildings. A kiosk explaining Matthew Knight Arena’s LEED features is located on the main concourse near the West entrance.
  • There are four times as many toilets as in Mac Court with over 130 women’s toilets, 65 men’s toilets and 4 family toilets.
  • The lower bowl of Matthew Knight Arena is closer to the floor and steeper than Mac Court.
  • Over 50 Point of Sale lines are available to purchase food and beverage in 20 different locations.
  • Over 200 TVs located in the arena and over 100 of these are located throughout the concourses.
  • There are four loading dock bays with room underground to turn a 70' truck 360 degrees.
  • The clean span roof trusses are over 260’ long.
  • 1,890 employees worked at the site, each earning a wage during one of the worst economies in Oregon history
  • 330,000 cubic yards of dirt were excavated (that’s 30,000 dump truck loads)
  • 50,000 cubic yards of rock
  • 39,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured in the arena and the garage (that’s 3,900 mixers full)
  • 4,840 tons (over 9 million lbs.) of reinforcing steel was placed in the concrete
  • 580,000 lbs. of precast concrete forms the seating bowl
  • Over 2,900 tons of structural steel were placed
  • Over 800,000 man hours
  • A nod to the Tall Firs, the nickname of Oregon’s National Championship Basketball team in the 1939.
  • A unique perspective looking up from a clearing in the forest that celebrates Oregon’s beautiful environment.
  • Kilkenny Floor- A homage to the family of Pat Kilkenny. Three logos represent Heppner, Oregon with the Morrow County Courthouse, an interlocking UO with three shamrocks, and the beach/sunset of San Diego. These images respect the hometown of the Kilkenny’s, the Irish Pride and logo of Oregon during Pat’s era as a student, and Pat’s love of San Diego where he calls home today.
  • Deep in the Woods - Where opponents will find themselves as they play Oregon in this new arena.
  • The Oregon “O” combined with the Matt Arena Logo at center court.
  • Unique letter forms spell out “MATT” in a toothy grin reminiscing Matthew Knight as a child.
  • A smile, and a Japanese-inspired Torii gate shape, (A Torii gate is a symbol of a sacred place in Japanese culture).
  • Curved arena forms that connect the Oregon Graphic Identity with the heroic proportions of the arena architecture.
Two major artworks were commissioned for the Matthew Knight Arena reacting to themes of “pioneer spirit” and “people-powered.”
Towering above the West bowl entrance, Jason Bruges Studio’s interactive sculpture captures the energy of the fans and the excitement of the games. The artwork uses motion tracking technology that senses fans passing into the bowl and reacts as their numbers grow. When the game begins, the artwork “watches” the court, and plays an abstracted version in live animated patterns of light on hundreds of yellow and green LCD panels.

A large scale sculptural work referencing “the net” has been installed in the northeast volume of the arena. Artist Janet Echelman, an award winning public artist with significant international commissions, created the project involving intricately knotted netting material, light and subtle movement.

These artworks were made possible through Oregon’s Percent for Art in Public Places program, administered by the Oregon Arts Commission.

Matthew Knight Arena is a monument to all of us—our common love for Oregon, and the exciting energy that happens when we all join together to cheer for the Ducks.

Three major displays on the Concourse are the Anthem to the Fan, the Hero Graphics and the Shroud Wall. Each tells different parts of the story. Together, they express our sense of connection and ownership, our unique and proud heritage, our wild passion, and our unrelenting quest for more championships to come. This Land of the Tall Firs is a special place, inhabited by people who care more deeply about a team that fights even harder.

THE ANTHEM TO THE FAN (located in the North entry of the main concourse) is about energy and devotion which embodies the personality and character of the Arena’s namesake. Matt Knight’s passion for his Ducks was undying. His devotion was resolute. His spirit is representative of every die-hard Ducks fan. His memorial here is an uplifting message that unites us in our love for Oregon and our quest for championship gold. This passion and energy is represented by light, which radiates throughout the arena in various ways.

THE HERO GRAPHIC CORNERS (located in the East and West of the main concourse) offer huge spaces to showcase each team sport that calls the arena home, and highlight the defining moments in their respective program’s history.

While there will always be lively debate about who’s best, Ron Lee and Bev Smith are undisputed leaders who occupy a special place in the hearts of Ducks fans. Their images share these Hero Graphic corner displays with photos of recent Oregon stars, action shots from their era.

THE SHROUD WALL integrates with the other major display areas on the concourse to welcome and connect us with the familiar.

Think of this Concourse area as a transitional experience that moves the fans into the arena and into the game, with the Shroud Wall working as a canvas for a continuum story that both celebrates the heritage of Oregon athletics and further expresses the sense of energy, excitement and activity emanating from the arena.

The players, teams and historical moments illustrated on the Shroud Wall continuum story are not in strict chronological order, but suggest a progression from the past to the present, and the evolution of our continuing championship quest. Interwoven into this collage are expressions of light, energy and our home in the Land of the Tall Firs—along with resonant and inspirational stanzas of our Mighty Oregon fight song.